Podcast Interview with Trevor Medenwaldt of Achieva Credit Union


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Many thanks to Trevor Medenwaldt of Achieva CU which is based on the West Coast of Florida and growing. This for spending some time with me as we discuss the process, and some tips (picked up some myself) on how to quickly secure a loan for your next Skiff, Boat, and or Tow Vehicle! All of which can move very quickly in a market that is moving at near light speed, due to various and ongoing supply chain issues as we all have seen...

And hopefully for those who may not be as well versed in this process, or simply a tad younger and now getting to the point to shop and land that Boat of your dreams! That after listening to this one with Trevor and I, then have a better base line education on how to make that purchase while saving some money! Something we all like to do for sure… This and not feel later on, that we were taken advantage of simply by not knowing all the process steps. Also, while in better position to negotiate all of this at the same time :)

So, here is the link for the show and hope you enjoy it! And right click on the link, and choose "open in new tab" so you can still browse the Site while listening:


We also make mention of this little tool below from Discover Boating, this to help you calculate and plan what you can target / afford based upon the various interest rates and lengths of term.

And of course, don't forget to factor in or add some in for items you may also need like electronics or say, repairs on a used vessel at the same time ;)

Speaking of Used Vessels, that market is on fire also! Some of this due to New Boat Builders simply cannot keep up with demand, as more and more Guys and Gals are (still) not traveling as much, thus getting Boats and RV's to spend more time with loved ones exploring and / or fishing closer to home!


Supply chain issues are also making it harder to even build boats... So much so, that some builders now have years (yes years) in a waiting list to get one even built... As such, used vessels, make for a great option and to help you find out what any one vessel is roughly worth Market Wise, here is the link below for the NADA guide Trevor and I discussed:

And other guides can be found at the top of that same page for say an Auto's or RV if needed.

Lastly, here is the link for Achieva CU below if you would like to discuss such further with a one of their awesome staff. This, or join as a member of the Credit Union (I am a big fan of their mobile app myself) and take advantage of their loan products and other financial services:


Or can call them in SWFL at 239-829-8290 or their Main # 800-592-2274

And do let them know Dave from Performance Outdoors.Net sent you when you reach out to them!

Safe Boating, and don't forget! To post up some pictures of those new (even if just new to you) Toys here on the Site so we can drool over them with you!


And, if you enjoy the Site don't forget tell your friends (It's free) to join us! :cool:

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