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I hope many are enjoying them and more important, also find them somewhat educational :D

They have their moments with some comedic value (not planned, but chatting with yours truly at somewhere along the ride, even just a daily phone call, it is going to get funny) So, hopefully, those moments help keep your attention even though many have advised me, that they make for great "Bedtime Stories" :cool:

One buddy of mine told me, that "I need more comedy injected in Dave" this so he can listen through the entire show before falling asleep! Thanks Brother, I will take that as a positive... He then advised me that it took several nights to cover all the content on one of them :p I told him I would try to add more laughs, but it is not always easy to have educational content sprinkled in with let's say, a Jeff Foxworthy concert at the same time! LOL

Mostly though, the feedback as been great! And I now have quite a few of them in the works while others, are in early the planning stages... They take a lot more time and effort than most realize I am quite sure.

Now, if you have a Company / Person that would like to have some time with me here on the Site, that fits with our coverage footprint (Fishing and Great Outdoors) by all means, have them reach out to me! I would love to reach out and work with them! Just drop me a PM here on the Site with their email and or phone number, or send a note to:


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