Prop and smart tabs


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This winter I changed my prop from a Yamaha aluminium 13 5/8 x 13 to a Yamaha painted SS 13 1/2 x 14. I did this because at WOT it would go almost to 6600 rpm, which is above the recommended range for the F70LA (5300 - 6300). I also installed smart tabs SX9510-60 to the skiff.

I haven't run a careful set of tests yet but Saturday I had it out for the first time since the changes, and my initial impression was both changes were beneficial. At WOT max rpm went to 5800 and the smart tabs did a wonderful job of reducing bow rise and seemed to improve the overall ride.

If anyone else has the F70LA on their 1700 skiff, would you please let me know what motor mount position you are using? Mine is all the way down and I'm beginning to believe it needs to come up at least one as the cavitation plate appears to be quite a bit below the keel.

1700 skiff F70LA