Questions from a new 150 fish owner!

Tim Halpin

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Hello all, great sight!! Many of my questions have been answered as I have poured over hundreds of posts. Thanks for taking time to do this. Not always easy to find info on 2002 Triumphs online. Quick questions: Trying to figure out the two rear holes other than the bilge holes in the photo. The capped one is supposedly the live well intake and I think the circled one is the live well drain? 1). Do I need to plug that if i will not be using the live well for anything other than a beer cooler? 2). Do the drains in the front fish holders just get plugged with standard bilge plugs? Would these penetrations take enough water on to sink the boat if left open? (Definitely not going to test)! Planning on just using for semi dry storage. 3).Are the two bilge drains connected under flooring or are they separated as in port/starboard bilge drains? 4). Any helpful advice on installing cup Holders? (pre drill, best screws etc...) Once again thanks for putting in the time/managing of this great site. Fish on - Tim
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