Raw Water Washdown Pump


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Well, the first item on my Triumph 235 to fail: Raw water washdown pump. Toast. Tripped the breaker when I was testing systems in preparation of fishing Tuesday. Drat. (I'm finally going fishing after nearly a year off my feet!!! Ooh-rah!). Well, at least there is Monday to get a new pump and install it.

I tapped on the pump pretty hard a couple of times and it started spinning. But is sounded like a garbage disposal full of nuts and bolts. Time for a new one....

It is actually a very simple process: Remove the wiring connector, unscrew and remove the hose inlet and output and then the 4 mounting screws. Presto-magico, the pump comes out. As long as you keep gpm and pressure close to specs (don't go from 3.5 gpm to 10 gpm) you'll be fine... Reverse the steps for installation and you're in business.

I'm going from 3.5 gpm at 45 psi to 4.5 gpm at 45 psi. Kind of depends on pump availability at my local supplier.

I'll post a photo or two upon installation.