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Ok, 235cc owners, what's you best cruise speed, mpg, gph, rpm, etc., and what's your wide open throttle (WOT) speed, mpg, gph, rpm, etc?

I have a Suzuki DF250 on mine, which is substantially different in gear ratio, etc., than the Yamaha. Suzuki and Yamaha's have different operating range at WOT. Mine is above 6000 rpm.

So, on my boat:
3 blade, 17 pitch prop:
At cruise - 4850 rpm, 32 mph, 12.07 gph and 2.65 mpg.
WOT - 6250 rpm, 43.7 mph, 22.6 gph and 1.93 mpg.

PowerTech LFS4 17 pitch (4 blade)
At cruise - 5000 rpm, 29 mph, 13.7 gph and 2.1 mpg.
WOT - haven't got this data yet.

3 blades definitely cruises more efficiently, but the boat performs best with the LFS4.

What does your 235 do?
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