Shopping for a Triumph Boat?


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There seems to always be a few for sale on Boat Trader and you should be able to see them all the current ones listed on this targeted link:

And maybe unknown to some, there are links that ping all of the Craig's Lists Nation Wide since many times you might be able to find lesser known deals there. This, or find those units by those who are unwilling to pay to list theirs on one of your larger Marine Sale Site's Or... Those who simply do not feel their unit worthy of such a site ;)

These links also come in handy to see what the market is asking for X Model so you can price yours in your Market, and be competitive all things are being equal naturally :)

What shocks me though when you look at many of these pictures, how these boats look so grungy. If you are going to puts yours on the Market, do yourself a Big Favor and have a Sales Advantage and really clean it well and looking all white "including" inside all the hatches before posting up photos. Basically, if you are going to post a picture of it, then make it looks as close to Showroom new as you can :D A little Starbrite Mold and Mildew Cleaner (spray and let it eat for 10 min or so then, scrub with a soft brush) and then hit with a pressure washer after such... Really goes a very long way on any Triumph, to making her look much newer, and better taken care of!

And lastly don't forget! We usually have some listed here for sale, or feel free to use our classified section to list yours :cool:

Hope this helps?
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