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Ashley Bennett

I would be using my boat for shallow water applications such as duck hunting and flounder gigging. In such applications, one is bound to go aground from time to time. How difficult is the skiff to push off, say a shoal or mud flat? I had actuall thought about putting an air cooled shallow water outboard on it, (go devil, mud buddy types) but I dont know if any manufacturers build one with enough horse power. A jet drive would be another option. Has anybody out there used any of these types of motors?
Also being a duck hunter, I would like something that can reach the flooded timber in the backwaters. Would the skiff be to wide for this application? Would the 170 be a better choice?
One other question. I have considered searching for one of the older sportsman greed 170. If I can't find one and go with one of the white hulls, can the hull be covered with an adhesive camo cover. Will adhesive stick?
Ashley Bennett


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I have a 1700 skiff and use it for shallow water fishing. However,
remember this hull weights 1400. If you have to get out and push the boat in less than 6" of water you better have a buddy with you.


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Interesting questions: I know my 170CC will float in 6 inches of water and can be poled easily. Tape will stick to the hull but it won't be permanent and will peel off eventually. If you're sold on a Triumph you may want to look for the Sportsman model. Otherwise, the old reliable Jon boat has served duck hunters for a long time and will continue to do so...and may be your best option. Good luck.


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