Some new tweaks and additions with pics.....


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I always carry protection on my boat, but I did not like having my firearm so inaccessible hidden away in the console in a bag. So I decided to add a waterproof Pelican box to a rear compartment. Due to pumps and electrical and hoses and tubing......the compartment was pretty much un-usable for anything else.

So I had to come up with a way to use the space without damaging anything in the compartment.

Now I can access my weapon quickly and also stow my cell phones, keys and wallet etc. I added a lock to the compartment lid and the box will keep everything completely dry and undamaged. I can also remove the entire box once home.

P5032169.jpg P5032171.jpg P5032172.jpg P5032173.jpg P5032174.jpg P5032175.jpg
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