Starboard color for new transom door?


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Middle River
Well it finally happened, My BIL put up the motor and fogot to put down the transom door. Yes, this has been done before by my son and others. They at least stopped after bending and craking the top(cupholder piece). I got pretty good at welding the crack back together but this time the whole main door cracked in half. So on the making a new one and maybe designing it better so the motor will have a litlle more abilty to tilt farther up before taking it out. I have a 2008 195CC and most sites sell sarboard in white white and arctic white. Anyone know what will match our boats? Second measuring the thickness it is 9/16 but they sell 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. I would figure to go to 3/4 but maybe it is good that the door cracked and did not create an issue with my trim/tilt or transom. Any help is appreciated.