Steering linkage from Honda / 210

Johann Haeussler

Registered Member
Genelie. I think that you are talking about a dual cable steering system on a 210 cc, If installed properly, lubed with Marine grease, It should be good for a good season or two. If it is pitting, you could have an electrolysis problem. You should check all ground straps on the motor and from the center section to the engine area. The zerk fittings do not lube the steering tube, they lube the area where the motor pivots when trimming.
On the boat, the waivey sides are a result of the cooling process, after the hull comes out of the mold. They were there when the boat was new. The style lines helped prevent that from happening. It is not a warranty item.
I need to clean/grease the dual steering cable fitting on my 210 cc with a Honda BF130 installed. It is not frozen but hard to turn. Do I have to take the engine off {seems like there is not enough room to pull assembly out sideways? thanks Johann