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We just took a mini-vacation to the St Johns River in North Central Florida; realized it would not be much fun without a boat.

So I bought a 2006 215CC & trailer. I had been researching Triumphs for a couple of months and expected to buy one later in the year, if the price was right. The only one I found that fitted the bill was very used but decided it would do the job.

The upholstery was bad and there was rust in too many places. On the water it behaved well, but we realized there was a leak into the tiny bilge area. We (my son did most of the work) replaced the bilge pump which was barely working. Then he found the leak was in the livewell/washdown pump; so replaced that too. And one wheel of the trailer needed a new bearing - so we had all four done, as the price quoted was probably a quarter of what we would have paid in SE Florida.

We ran the heck out of it in the Lake George area, so happy it didn't use any fuel. Then ran out of gas a mile from Renegades. Gauge said 3/4 full. 20 bucks was enough to get it started. So there is something else to sort. Oh, and the trim tabs don't work!

All in all it is a great boat hauling five adults and three kids around, cruising at 30 mph (it topped out around 38 mph) The price I paid compensated for the problems which are all fixable.