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Our Photo Guru "Miranda G" has been a little MIA from travel here of late. In the mean time, She did send me over some Outdoor Macro shots to preform a little post editing work upon, which came in very handy since I have been testing a trial version of DeNoise AI from Topaz Labs and you can find out more about it here:

And when it comes to Macro Photography and the loss of depth of field because of such close up work, you can see how this program really comes in handy!

So I am big fan of these little airborne warriors and their flight profile and acrobatics is simply amazing! So when she sent me over some shots she got, I was pretty stoked to work on them and run a few tests. So as you can see the little Hummingbird is really in focus well, but the background from the loss of DOF (Depth of Field) to my eye, detracts from the picture... Not much of a problem as you can see after I reworked it in DeNoise AI

Before, and when you click on it, the grainy effect in the background really shows up.


Not only is the Hummingbird now more "clear and extra detail" but the background is more muted thus (again as per my eyes) does not detract from the picture as much :cool:

Another cool feature in the program is the split screen, so you can see and drag it over and back in real time, and see how that photo is going to look after all the rendering is completed.

Split screen.jpg

And trust me, it will take some time for it to render all the clean up work and will tax your CPU while it is working (fair warning) for sure. So you have to give it a little time to "Grind" on those edits ;)

So you might want to give DeNoise AI a quick try and as I have discovered, it's AI engine works very well as a 1st pass edit. Then you can preform more post editing work as needed on those now saved files, in other platforms you are proficient with or still learning to use! Thy have a free trial program so you can work it and see if it something you can employ for your needs this without spending any money which I think is great!

Let us know how you make out with some of your shots using DeNoise AI from Topaz Labs, and you might be surprised like I was, with the amount of cleanup it can preform even on much older pictures you love and would like to clean up again.

Good Shooting!