Triumph 120 Throttle cable


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Hi everybody! I just joined.
I have a 2006 Triumph 120 SDCC and I need a new throttle cable ASAP. Does anybody have one I can purchase or direct me to a site where I can get one? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome Aboard,
Those cables are not a Triumph part (which does not matter, they died years ago) and based upon the engine and shifter box used. Most Yamaha's use the 704 type of control box so, you would need to order one that is the correct length for your needs. I recommend pulling the present one so you know how long to get one and don't recall IF you can cut them for a better fit or not?

This should help get you started:

And possible that Merritt Marine might know when cable to use for that hull. I do remember some Teleflex cables (the ones with a gray housing) you could time into a knot and they would still work great, unlike the factory cheap ones that might last a few years if lucky...

Again check with Merritt Marine in Hillsborough, NC. ( ) and be prepared to give them Yamaha control box number as well as the year and model of you engine.

Hope this helps!