Triumph 190 Bay owner


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I’m a recent owner of a 2003 190 Bay CC
This boat was neglected for some time and I am working to reverse all that happened over many years. Looking for advise on parts ect. Prior to this group I have struggled Finding others for advice. Looking forward to any guidance.

Dave LeGear

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Welcome aboard! Glad you've joined us! There are almost 17 years of information on Triumph/Logic Boats available in the Triumph Boat owners forums located here:

As noted on the homepage welcome, the Boat Owner forums are Private forums for Premium Member subscriber access only. But the subscription is only $12/year. If interested click on the "Go Premium" button in the upper right of the screen to learn more.

And you have come to the right place for help and upgrade ideas for her. Once you become a Premium member, you can really access a lot of information for that hull as well as a lot of other related topics as well as some great savings on related products!

After such, we highly recommend starting with using the search tool found in the Upper Right Corner of any page, to make simple keyword searches for subjects and topics of interest to you.