Wanting to buy the new 1700 skiff


Matt McDonald

Hello all, I am considering buying one of the new 1700 skiffs. I like the technology and the looks of the boat, and for what I will be using it for seems perfect. I go to Harker's Island NC quite a bit and like to fish in the Back Sound which is very shallow in most spots. So a skiff is the best option. The technology seems a good fit for me as I have never owned a boat before. And the size seems good as I would not have any more than 4 people going out at any one time. My concern is the weaigh an the 75hp Yamaha that comes on it. Is 75hp enough for the weight of this boat. Also does anyone out there have one that can give me some input. Thanks Matt


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I have the skiiff with a 75hp Honda on it and have had four adults on it and it gets up on plane very quick and will run fast enough for me with no problem. It is very roomy and is also a very stable platform for fishing or anything else you may want to do with it.


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Hi Matt,
I have a 17 skiff with a 90 yamaha and i love it I am glad i got the larger motor but the 75 would have done the job also for just 1 or 2 people . 4 people with the 90 though is a dream i must plug up my scuppers since they are under water but other then that have at it . it does take shallow water very nicely also . If there are any questions i can help with just ask .
hope this helps


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Hey Matt,

On Back Sound, I'd rig the 1700 skiff with a jet outboard and run fearlessly. It would be my dream on-water SUV. Yeah, I know; it would add more weight and cost more because you'd have to buy a bigger motor to account for the power loss. But still, I had to put that out there. It's easier spending your money. :)