Water filling in boat floor pockets

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I agree and pictures of the areas in question would come in handy for sure!
The pockets are the long banana shaped cavity’s that all logic and triumph boats have.they have grey covers,l have come up with my own remedy l drilled a 1 1/2 hole towards the transom and put a pvc. Pipe through them towards the bilge. It works great, if I can help anyone with the info on this remedy I would.
Awesome and that was an factory change (also) when they went to being a Triumph. Your system due to the size of the drain I am quite sure than the smaller factory one employed though ;)

Do send over some pictures and would be happy to add this to the collection of upgrades and enhancements needed for the 190 series of Boats they made.


And quite sure they work even better than the ones added later on by them...

Here are a couple pic I took of the drains I put through.


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