Water trapped in the inner hull

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6 years ago, I installed a bow 24 volts Minn Kota on my 195CC. I already had two batteries in the storage underneath the console so I decided to store the batteries and a Minn Kota inboard charger in the front bilge that is too wet and dirty to store things you want stay dry and clean like spare cloths, rain suits or PFDs.

I made a tray with Kingboard to hold in place the two batteries and the charger for my MinnKota . I never had issues with the batteries and the charger even in rough water but I made the mistake to secure the tray with two screws on the inner hull. Two years ago I decided to move the tray farther on the front bilge for easy access issues. At winterisation I never noticed any anormal presence of water in the inner drains but this summer when I cleaned the boat. I noticed that there was water level to the top of each one of the two inner bilge drains. I checked all the accessible part of the inner hull reaching a way to this water to enter in the inner drain and unscrewed the tray in the process. I seen that there was water pouring from the screws holes.
I drilled a 1/4 inch hole on the bilge floor to drain it and water spurted out hardly for a while indicating that there was some pressure even with the inner drain opened for months and the bow raised to make all water escape through the inner drains and the hull drain. When it stopped, I putted my weight on the floor and water started to spurt out again. After that, I flushed as much water I could with my air compressor but the floor of the bilge was raising under the air pressure without any water coming out from the inner hull drains. So I drilled a second hole on the back of the rear front bilge to make a way the water to escape more freely. Then I welded all the screw holes and had a lot of problems with the last one for there was always water in the plastic solder. I was sure that all the screw holes look well soldes and there was no way for the water to come into the inner hole from there... and no way to escape from there too.
Yesterday I was working on the boat and I checked the solders with a paper towel and there was still a very small amount of water coming from the two back solders indicating that there was still some pressure and some water quantity in the inner hull despite the inner hull drain remained open. I inserted blue mechanic paper towel in the drains to make wicks and after a while, they were completely soaked.
What bugs me is what the water was not coming out from the two inner drains considering that the bow of the boat was by far higher than the stern since last september. It seems that something stops the water to go down from the bow to the inner drain and come out of it. I let them open and will see what happen after a week.

We had a very bad winter here in Quebec. By far worst than usual. We had at least three episodes of warm weather with heavy rain followed by extreme cold fronts downing temperature around -15 F and strong winds that damaged the tarp covering the boat but not enough in my mind to let all this water enter through this smalls screw holes. Unfortunately, I spent all the winter in Florida so I don't know how much water from this heavy rain got through the tarp inside the boat.

Can somebody give me a hint on why this water stay trapped in the inner hull and how to solve this issue? I am not very willing to install a drain from outside the hull.