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Welcome to PerformanceOutdoors.net. We created this website in November of 2004 to provide an online forum of information, ideas and resources for Triumph and Logic Boat owners. In March of 2018 we decided to expand the scope of the website beyond Triumph Boats. We have added a many new forums focused on enjoying the outdoors: on the water, in the woods, on the trail or in the mountains. We will also be working to add other Boat owner forums from other manufacturers. In the process we have opened many of the forums for participation by Registered members (FREE account). We have designated several other forums as Private for access by our Premium Member and Lifetime Premium Member subscribers only.

We hope you will join in the discussions here and let us know what discussion forums you would like to see added. If you are interested in assisting us as a Content Expert for a discussion forum that you are interested in please let us know.

In some of our forums we review and recommend certain outdoor related products. Occasionally we will add links where these can be purchased online. On some of these links as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

NOTE: This is very important. This is a family-oriented website. Posting risqué images or using profanity will result in the removal of the material and potential banning of the poster. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts in keeping with this policy.

You may be new to words like 'forum', 'thread' or 'post'. Well, most of the information that you will need to know in order to use the site can be found on our "Help Page".

After subscribing, please take time to introduce yourself in our Meet and Greet Forum, located under 'Forums' > 'Our Outdoor Community' > 'Meet and Greet'. Then start sharing your questions and answers in the forum of your choice. This site will grow and change daily because of the contributions of members like you!

Credence Pictures Inc. is a privately owned company and is not affiliated with any Boat Builders or Dealers. Views expressed on PerformanceOutdoors.net are not necessarily those of the staff and management of Credence Pictures Inc. and are presented "as is". It is the responsibility of the viewer to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of any information shared here.

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