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Podcast Interview with East Cape Founder Kevin Fenn!

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image-asset.jpeg And before we get on with the show, my personal thanks to both Randy and Kevin at East Cape in making this all happen! The amount of hours spent on this project has been a lot in getting it as best as we could all things considered (mostly COVID-19) thus having to record it remotely via call in. So hope you enjoy the show and learn a few things in the process! And we will get the follow on parts about the New EVO and EVO x for 2020...

Couple of links you need to know!

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Good Afternoon! Our Site has a lot of useful content, and I am sure quite a number of our members are not even aware of such. So here is a real quick guide to help you get the most out of your time on our Site and many of the Knowledge Base features it has to offer :cool: 1st off, we have some resources on this link that might come in handy for you that have Triumph Boats much of it, you would be hard pressed to find any place else on the Internet: [URL...

East Cape Skanu

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Now don't and go buy that Yak just yet! Here is a Hybrid Paddle and Polling Skiff with the advantages of both, and well within the same price range of your typical fishing Yak. This so you can reach places and also fish where the Gators crawl and Ducks swim ;) 20280 20282 20281
Well thought design for the truck in fisherman, or as...

Death of the Kicker Motor! The Trollbuddy

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It is with great pleasure and a privilege for us, that Performance Outdoors was selected to be the first to announce the early release of the latest product from Linear Devices Corp. (makers of Lectrotab and Sentry Marine Battery Chargers) called the Trollbuddy! Truly as the article title implies, this product is the "Death of the Kicker Motor" for trolling purposes as we now know it... 1531172433701.png Now the Trollbuddy system consists of a linear actuator (same...

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