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Photo Contest for the Hunters here on the Site (CIC Wildlife Photo Prize)

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And I am sure you would love to have some of your work in the various International Hunting Magazines :cool:
More information on the contest can be found here: http://www.cic-wildlife.org/2019/01/22/cic-wildlife-photo-prize-2019-ready-steady-shoot-2-january-2019/ I attached a copy of the Rules and how to Submit your work below. Good Luck and let us know if you submit your work...

P&S Bead Maker / Spring Clean Steps

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Got some on order myself just to see what all the Hype is about, but thinking... This would work as a great last step to your detailing process ;)
I will be reworking both the Car and the Xterra here soon, and will grab some before and after shots. At present, I have ArmaShield on them and will reapply it as the next to last step. Then lay down a coat of Bead Maker to really make them Pop! So my planned process will be... (Pending how the Surface feels...

Membership Referrals

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Randy and I are testing the embedded Membership Referral system, but before I get to that I have too ask...? How many of your Family and Friends are also on the Site that are Outdoor Junkies? ;) I suspect from looking over our growing member list, not that many... So why not? Why have they not also joined the Site and added their unique Outdoor experiences, tips and real world product reviews here in one of the now 33 (many with even more sub sections) forums, and shared this knowledge with...

Death of the Kicker Motor! The Trollbuddy

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It is with great pleasure and a privilege for us, that Performance Outdoors was selected to be the first to announce the early release of the latest product from Linear Devices Corp. (makers of Lectrotab and Sentry Marine Battery Chargers) called the Trollbuddy! Truly as the article title implies, this product is the "Death of the Kicker Motor" for trolling purposes as we now know it... 1531172433701.png Now the Trollbuddy system consists of a linear actuator (same...

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