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Boat Repair and Upgrade Template

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i-zrhNswc-X3.jpg A little Excel sheet (link below) I put together to help best plan your repair and upgrades projects. Besides, you will never remember them all in logical order, past the age of 30 anyway ;) This so you can sort and tackle them according to section / sub system and importance... The tabs are color coded to help pick them off quicker, and I made the Hull section red since those "sometimes" impact if she is going to stay...

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Tips

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Some great tips on how to better control and use yours, while also being quieter in the process ;)
And do share any tips and tricks you employ on yours as for myself, I feel this product comes in handy that I have discussed in the past on this posting: https://www.performanceoutdoors.net/threads/bowjax-trolling-motor-mvd.9260/ I will soon be adding an...

New Product from Megaware - The BatteryGuard

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Excellent Idea even for Military Grade Batteries like Odyssey Dry Cell units.
"Spend more time fishing, not fixing" as I say and products like this help in doing just that ;) You can order online via Amazon here: Megaware BatteryGuard Best, Dave

Couple of links you need to know!

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Good Afternoon! Our Site has a lot of useful content, and I am sure quite a number of our members are not even aware of such. So here is a real quick guide to help you get the most out of your time on our Site, and many of the Knowledge Base features it has to offer :cool: 1st off, we have some resources on this link that might come in handy for you that have Triumph Boats much of it, you would be hard pressed to find any place else on the Internet: [URL...

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