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V Marine Push Pole holders

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Hard to tell how or whom that got them out of position, but the screw in push pole holders were not straight when installed, and my concern was the extra stress it was putting on my expensive Stiffy (Push Pole) What you want is for them to be flat along the side of the Pole and not just holding it along one of the edges. To me that was a recipe for "cracking" a very expensive Pole :( So I reached out to Paul at V Marine, and we chatted about the issue and I sent him over a few pictures...

Death of the Kicker Motor! The Trollbuddy

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It is with great pleasure and a privilege for us, that Performance Outdoors was selected to be the first to announce the early release of the latest product from Linear Devices Corp. (makers of Lectrotab and Sentry Marine Battery Chargers) called the Trollbuddy! Truly as the article title implies, this product is the "Death of the Kicker Motor" for trolling purposes as we now know it... 1531172433701.png Now the Trollbuddy system consists of a linear actuator (same...

Premium Member Only Discounts

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Good Afternoon Everyone! I trust many of you are getting ready to hit the water for this weekend! Have fun and go pick a fight with some Big Fish :p Just an update that Randy and I are working with several Outdoor related companies, some of them are already onboard the Site and others are part of our SME and Recognized Leader groups (Thanks Guys and Gals!) who are supplying us with special product discount codes Just for our Premium Members! We are working with others that I...

Help in keeping your boat clean :)

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My buddy Capt Blair, has some great tips in this short video with products to use to help keep your boat clean ;)
Now as I have posted in the past, I have always been a big fan of their Mildew cleaner! Great stuff, just be careful if it lands on your skin :oops: Their non skid cleaner though I will be testing here soon (just got it) now that we have a Fiberglass Skiff. The Non Skid has some stains on it from a combo of my dirty hands working on things...

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