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Show your Support!

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I wanted to make sure everyone here, shows their support for their favorite Sportsman / Conservation Groups, and adds their logo to your Signature lines! This while we can still actually enjoy the Outdoors and not loose out to groups that want to "prevent" us from doing such... :( You know Groups like (NRA, CCA, CFCW, DU, etc.) all of them are begging for exposure, yet I see so few posted? Now we cannot edit your respective signature lines with much effect, but I can supply you a Internet...

Mitigator Seat Foam (take less of a beating)

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Seems a lot of Skiff and Boat cushion's are needed reworked (the topic seems to pop up frequent) which is expected since some are hanging onto older boats. Matter of fact, last year I had to have the the seat foam for the Skiff remade before I sold it, and though pleased with the improvement I kept thinking (since it was now much stiffer) was there a better foam product to use? Besides, none of us are getting any younger and anything we can do to help us hurt less or in some cases...

Newer Tools to help you find your next home!

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Good Morning! On my Website is some newer tools to help you find your next Dream or Retirement Home and you can find them on this link below. Find your Dream Home And the newer tool is called My Home Tracker which is the 1st one in the list. Just fill out what is on your Dream List, and it will start sending you listings in that area right to you inbox. This is also an...

Bonefish Tarpon Trust - 20th Anniversary and Onward

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Good video on the great work BTT is and has done over the last 20 years :)

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