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Tides Pro

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Tides Pro.jpg My new favorite Tides Program that is not only online, but has a PC, Smartphone and Tablet applications / versions... Very easy to use and so visual in design, that at a quick glance, you can "see" what the tide is doing and trending :) You can find out more about all versions of the software Here: Tight Lines!

Quick eye to the Sky (Hurricane Watch)

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We all have our favorite links (tools) we use often to keep abreast of things... Problem is many of those over the years, have become so bogged down with other related content or worse yet commentary, that they have lost sight of why you visit them. So for me during Hurricane Season, this one which has not changed in years, is on one the tabs in my Browser that always opens up when I hit the Net that you can find located on this link below...

Adjusting trailer tongue weight for the best handling of your boat.

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Got a new or older trailer that is fish tailing behind your tow vehicle? Well if you have no more space to adjust the boat position "on" the trailer... Then this way of adjusting the trailer axle position, should do the trick :cool: https://www.performanceoutdoors.net...d-adjusting-your-trailer-tongue-weight.10285/

Fold-away trailer tongue install instructions

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I wanted to be able to store my boat and trailer straight in my garage so that it would only take up one car space, instead of having to store it at an angle. That meant doing something about the long trailer tongue, since the overall length of trailer,boat, and motor was just under 25' (with the motor turned sideways) and my garage is only 20'10" deep. But, as you can see from the before picture, even if I installed a standard fold-away tongue, the winch stand was going to be my length...