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How to do Florida Recipes

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If you need to get some "South in your Mouth" or just a new idea on a old staple, one of my favorite little shows "How to do Florida" has many of their recipes on a YouTube Play list: Enjoy!

Human Performance Factors

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Part of our revamp of this targeted section is to help share products and concepts to help "Us" the driving engine behind all of it perform! Let's face facts, if we do not feel well then the Skiff, Shotgun or Camera just sets at the house also :( To this end Issac Moore from "Let's Heal Now" has been most gracious to help out in this team effort with us here on Performance Outdoors with some of the tips and concepts that he uses to already help others in need. Now if the name...

Reporting Manatee Concerns

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A couple of weeks back while I was taking some great Thunderstorm / Sunset photos, I saw some Turkey Vultures (Buzzards) bunched around an old dock post about 200 yards or so away. Spin the camera around and zoomed in, and saw this... DSCN1266.JPG So when I got home I called FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) reported it and received a call back from one of our State's "Awesome" State Biologist Ana! I advised her on how and...

SWFL Properties to review

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Good Morning! Just to let everyone know, we now have even more great listings on some simply beautiful homes and properties now on my website. If yourself or anyone you know is looking to move or retire in our Great State or SWFL, they can find those listings now on this link below And there are several pages of them, so please feel free to look them over and reach out to me to...