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Power Pux Trolling Motor Mount - Discount Code

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Banner.png Pux.jpg A very neat and slick way to mount a Trolling Motor in one of your normal mounting positions. And I have a note into them for more information and the feasibility of mounting it in the "Guide" position like this, that Captain Tommy has on his 18 HPX V...? i-KGbH5Gv-X2.jpg More information on this Kool and Forward...

Capt. Tommy Derringer / St. Augustine, Florida

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It is with pleasure to kick off this new section with my friend who has been such a great help to me, and quite sure some have seen him on TV as a staff member of the "Florida Inside Fishing Report" Captain Tommy Derringer :cool: Tommy on his Maverick.jpg tommy-posing-mav.jpg He is just one of the nicest guys you could ever speak with, and just awesome with how quick he responds and his willingness to help is just off the...

Podcast Interview with East Cape Founder Kevin Fenn.

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image-asset.jpeg And before we get on with the show, my personal thanks to both Randy and Kevin at East Cape in making this all happen! The amount of hours spent on this project has been a lot in getting it as best as we could all things considered (mostly COVID-19) thus having to record it remotely via call in. So hope you enjoy the show and learn a few things in the process! And we will get the follow on parts about the New EVO and EVO x for 2020...

New Product from Megaware, The BatteryGuard

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Excellent Idea even for Military Grade Batteries like Odyssey Dry Cell units.
And I have reached out to Tori at Megaware who is one of our Recognized Leaders here on Performance Outdoors for some more "insider information" on this one :cool: "Spend more time fishing, not fixing" as I say and products like this help in doing just that ;) You can order online via Amazon here...

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