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Capt. Mike Anderson / Tampa Bay, Florida

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My honor to introduce you to my dear friend (at least 15 years now) who is just an Awesome radio host and a great guide Captain Mike Anderson! 125256595_10157663309930222_3980514557944501621_o.jpg As some know, I knew Captain Mel Berman, we went fishing together and I even sat in on a few of Mel's Radio shows. When he passed away back in 2010, the torch for his long running radio show up in Tampa Bay on 970 WFLA, was rightfully...

Cool additions to you Present or your next Skiff

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EG2adCvX0AEDger.jpg Joe and the guys over at Carbon Marine in Tampa, do make some innovative and lightweight add on components for your Skiff. Here are a couple of examples that I am looking to incorporate onto the next one myself if possible :cool: The Crail Forward casting deck that has several places to touch to help stabilize you in the chop while standing or setting for that matter! [ATTACH type="full"...

Capt. Tommy Derringer / St. Augustine, Florida

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It is with pleasure to kick off this new section with my friend who has been such a great help to me, and quite sure some have seen him on TV as a staff member of the "Florida Inside Fishing Report" Captain Tommy Derringer :cool: i-PQNTvWC-XL.jpg He is just one of the nicest guys you could ever speak with, and just awesome with how quick he responds and his willingness to help is just off the chart! Here is a quick video interview of him for...

Gemlux Drains / Inside the Hull

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As discussed in the Podcast with Kevin at East Cape, access to drains is not always easy and I can think of several boat models where is just near possible when on a Lift much less, the trailer! The Mako 18 LTS comes to mind due to the long tunnel, and the Triumph 190 can be a real Head Banging affair due to the pocket drive and you can forget getting at them and many others while on a lift. So... If you have access on the inside of the hull or can create such, these with the internal...

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