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Triumph Boat FAQ

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We thought it would be helpful to put together an article with a number of the Frequently Asked Questions about Triumph Boats. If you think of others you'd like to see added let us know. 1) How do I get my boat registration numbers to stick to my Triumph hull? A light coat of a product 3M makes called 94 Primer should be wiped onto the area where decals will be applied. Allow this to evaporate before applying the registration decals. You can purchase 3M 94 Primer online or...

Florida Coastal Fabrications on Pine Island

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Glass of FCF (Florida Coastal Fabrications) here on the Island, and having him show me some of their beautiful Metal Art Work! One of the things he told me "Dave you got to see this" was a picture of an Aluminum and Powder Coated Tarpon with your house number inside the belly of the fish :D Now that was very cool and some very creative thinking outside the box! 31682286_383224148827860_429467622606635008_o.jpg Now Mike's talented Sister Brenda, handles the...

Help in keeping your boat clean :)

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My buddy Capt Blair, has some great tips in this short video with products to use to help keep your boat clean ;)
Now as I have posted in the past, I have always been a big fan of their Mildew cleaner! Great stuff, just be careful if it lands on your skin :oops: Their non skid cleaner though I will be testing here soon (just got it) now that we have a Fiberglass Skiff. The Non Skid has some stains on it from a combo of my dirty hands working on things...

Fold-away trailer tongue install instructions

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I wanted to be able to store my boat and trailer straight in my garage so that it would only take up one car space, instead of having to store it at an angle. That meant doing something about the long trailer tongue, since the overall length of trailer,boat, and motor was just under 25' (with the motor turned sideways) and my garage is only 20'10" deep. But, as you can see from the before picture, even if I installed a standard fold-away tongue, the winch stand was going to be my length...