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The new East Cape EVO!

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The 1st two models were great, now it appears the V model is even better (awesome)
Love it! And here is the one of the original models for comparison and educational purposes with a longer feature tour
Another older build video to help show even more possible options...

New Product from Megaware, The BatteryGuard

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Excellent Idea even for Military Grade Batteries like Odyssey Dry Cell units.
And I have reached out to Tori at Megaware who is one of our Recognized Leaders here on Performance Outdoors for some more "insider information" on this one :cool: "Spend more time fishing, not fixing" as I say and products like this help in doing just that ;) Best, Dave

East Cape Skanu

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Now don't and go buy that Yak just yet! Here is a Hybrid Paddle and Polling Skiff with the advantages of both, and well within the same price range of your typical fishing Yak. This so you can reach places and also fish where the Gators crawl and Ducks swim ;) 20280 20282 20281
Well thought design for the truck in fisherman, or as...

Ideas for your Bass or Fishing Rig

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Now granted, few of us have the sponsors to have a monster like this built... But there are great ideas many of us can copy from and employ on ours, to make them even more efficient the next time we are on the water :cool:
Now that is one heck of a Office :)

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