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Death of the Kicker Motor! The Trollbuddy

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It is with great pleasure and a privilege for us, that Performance Outdoors was selected to be the first to announce the early release of the latest product from Linear Devices Corp. (makers of Lectrotab and Sentry Marine Battery Chargers) called the Trollbuddy! Truly as the article title implies, this product is the "Death of the Kicker Motor" for trolling purposes as we now know it... 1531172433701.png Now the Trollbuddy system consists of a linear actuator (same...

Premium Member Only Discounts

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Good Afternoon Everyone! I trust many of you are getting ready to hit the water for this weekend! Have fun and go pick a fight with some Big Fish :p Just an update that Randy and I are working with several Outdoor related companies, some of them are already onboard the Site and others are part of our SME and Recognized Leader groups (Thanks Guys and Gals!) who are supplying us with special product discount codes Just for our Premium Members! We are working with others that I...

Florida Coastal Fabrications on Pine Island

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Glass of FCF (Florida Coastal Fabrications) here on the Island, and having him show me some of their beautiful Metal Art Work! One of the things he told me "Dave you got to see this" was a picture of an Aluminum and Powder Coated Tarpon with your house number inside the belly of the fish :D Now that was very cool and some very creative thinking outside the box! 31682286_383224148827860_429467622606635008_o.jpg Now Mike's talented Sister Brenda, handles the...

Small, yet effective shade for your Boat

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T-Tops and Bimini tops are great, but man can they get in the way of the Prime Directive "Fishing" (really it's casting) :( Even I have worked with Bimini tops that were made to slide and stow "inside" the hull on the deck, and not on the gunnels. OK that helps, but it still made it a pain to step over much less, pull out another rod. As such the only time it was on the boat, was when others were aboard for joy rides and eventually, I just sold it :) So I saw a slick idea and that just...

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