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Anglers Driving Change: Chris Wittman, Daniel Andrews / Captains For Clean Water

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This video says it much better than I ever could. And since 2011 when we started this targeted section on the Site. It was intended to do our small part to help bring awareness to efforts like this not only in Florida, but others when written by those members who post them, or bring them to my attention to do such...
So do your part and if you would like to support the efforts of Captains for Clean Water even if it is just to buy a Hat (every...

The very forward thinking, LensHide Photo blind

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lenshide_10.28_2.png Really nice looking Blind (Or hide as they call them across the pond) for Outdoor Photography and other use cases that is both small, and very portable! So basically, you can have / pack it with you much of the time and use as needed! This unlike other solutions I have seen, that pretty much makes you have to plan ahead of time that you need to bring one, This OR setup your entire trip for this kind of work. Not so...

Photographing Lighting

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My next photography pursuit since we have such powerful summer storms here almost every afternoon and evening... Some are just awesome to watch from a safe place of course, and they remind me of running the house through a car wash at times ;) So for those who would like to try the same, here is some training an example videos I found on the subject.
And not much actual in the way of training, but the use of taking...

East Cape Skanu

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Now don't and go buy that Yak just yet! Here is a Hybrid Paddle and Polling Skiff with the advantages of both, and well within the same price range of your typical fishing Yak. This so you can reach places and also fish where the Gators crawl and Ducks swim ;) 20280 20282 20281
Well thought design for the truck in fisherman, or as...

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