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Podcast Interview with Paul Payne Founder of Power Pux

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Banner.png My thanks again, to Paul Payne of Power Pux for taking the time to chat with us about their awesome new product! I had a great time, and hopefully you will not only get a few laughs, but will find it educational at the same time :) Now, If you need some pictures of the system to help visualize and follow along on our discussion... Here is the link to my original write up below, and it even includes some product assembly photos which...

Marine Detail Supply - Shop Visit

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46093469_1080143732110447_1787639300687396864_n.png I was invited to visit and take a tour of "Marine Detail Supply" in Ft. Myers by their Managing Director / John Watkins, and it was an awesome and very education visit! Of course for myself, going to a Detail Supply Facility is like a Candy Store... This as I look over all the Chemicals, Tools, and specialized Buffer Pads. I have to be careful and keep my hands on my camera and...

Steve Whitlock's - Game Fish Art

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I have some of Steve's work and a big fan of Steve's Marine Chart offerings :) https://steve-whitlock-game-fish-art-inc.myshopify.com/collections/chart-art 1520437533368.png And you have have seen some of his work in Bass Pro shops, and just did not connect the work with the artist ;)

New Product from Megaware - The BatteryGuard

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Excellent Idea even for Military Grade Batteries like Odyssey Dry Cell units.
And I have reached out to Tori at Megaware who is one of our Recognized Leaders here on Performance Outdoors for some more "insider information" on this one :cool: "Spend more time fishing, not fixing" as I say and products like this help in doing just that ;) You can order online via Amazon here...