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F-stops Explained

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Since some may not be familiar with some of the photography terms that have popped up on previous threads, I would just like to focus on a few common ones and provide a quick explanation on what they are, and what they mean to you as a photographer. F-stop (also known as f-ratio, or focal ratio) is just a fraction. It tells you how open or closed the aperture of your lens is, and how much light you are letting in to create your image. In most of our cases, the light is exposing a sensor to...

Membership Referral Contest

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Randy and I are testing the embedded Membership Referral system, but before I get to that I have too ask...? How many of your Family and Friends are also on the Site that are Outdoor Junkies? ;) I suspect from looking over our growing member list, not that many... So why not? Why have they not also joined the Site and added their unique Outdoor experiences, tips and real world product reviews here in one of the now 33 (many with even more sub sections) forums, and shared this knowledge with...

CCW For My Wife

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From my time in the military and the last nearly 30 years at law enforcement, I have done many things weapons-related. I've taught close quarters and building entry, work-related weapons & range training, I've taught friends and my kids to shoot, and I taught my wife to shoot. Last year, I asked my wife to get her concealed weapons permit. A lot simpler process in California than you would think. We've spent tens of thousands of rounds shooting, feeling pretty comfortable handling firearms...

Rotational Molding in Boating and Fishing

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My name is George Blaisdell, I am a mechanical engineer and have been working in the rotational molding for over 20 years. Revolution Product Development was started about 7 years ago with my partner Randy Sweat. https://revolutionpd.com/ Randy and I met at Logic Marine in 1995 which became Triumph Boats in 2000. Randy was the Tooling Manager; responsible for building all of the molds and helping figure out how to do what hadn't been done before in the world of...

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