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Podcast Interview with Steve Pelini of Bob's Machine Shop

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cropped-bobs-machine-logo-1.png I had a great discussion with Steve Pelini VP of Sales and Marketing at Bob's Machine Shop! And if you are not versed with one of their most popular products (True Tracker Plate) you can find one of my long time product reviews on it here...

Death of the Kicker Motor! The Trollbuddy

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It is with great pleasure and a privilege for us, that Performance Outdoors was selected to be the first to announce the early release of the latest product from Linear Devices Corp. (makers of Lectrotab and Sentry Marine Battery Chargers) called the Trollbuddy! Truly as the article title implies, this product is the "Death of the Kicker Motor" for trolling purposes as we now know it... 1531172433701.png Now the Trollbuddy system consists of a linear actuator (same...

General Marine Wiring Forum now online

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We had / have, a pretty good base of topics for Marine Electronics and other tools. To make it easier to find direct wiring related threads, a new sub forum was created to help address wiring related issues. Randy and I both feel that as most of our member owners boats age (usually around the 10 year mark) or just in the course of normal repairs or upgrades. Wiring repairs or even complete rewires of the entire harness, may be needed and really good to have a section targeted just for those...