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Ways To Release iPhone’s Shutter

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Some great tips on this one!
Bet you did not know all of those ways to grab a shot using your I phone. And since we always have our phones with us, knowing how to take better more steady shots (like using wired earbuds as a trigger) is really slick :cool: Good Shooting! Dave

Capt. Tommy Derringer / St. Augustine, Florida

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It is with pleasure to kick off this new section with my friend who has been such a great help to me, and quite sure some have seen him on TV as a staff member of the "Florida Inside Fishing Report" Captain Tommy Derringer :cool: Tommy on his Maverick.jpg He is just one of the nicest guys you could ever speak with, and just awesome with how quick he responds and his willingness to help is just off the chart! Here is a quick video interview of him for the Florida Insider...

Florida Keys Outfitters, Islamorada Florida

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No trip to "The Keys" with raw beauty like this... Fishing_Header_Image_2x.jpg Would be complete unless you stop by and see Sandy Moret's place in Islamorada "Florida Keys Outfitters" :cool: florida-keys-outfitters-800x383-750x359.jpg 123192962_3822704627792673_5529895931177372777_o.jpg [ATTACH type="full"...

Maverick HPX-S and V models

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A great little all around Skiff that does many things well! I am a fan of the larger center console design for the flush mounting of all your electronics, and I agree with Capt Bou on his observation on using the 115 Outboard. They in most cases have the same weight as a 90HP, but you can swing a little larger prop for better launch and cruse numbers. The test runs I made on the Maverick, really made the 115HP shine!

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