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Reporting Manatee Concerns

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A couple of weeks back while I was taking some great Thunderstorm / Sunset photos, I saw some Turkey Vultures (Buzzards) bunched around an old dock post about 200 yards or so away. Spin the camera around and zoomed in, and saw this... DSCN1266.JPG So when I got home I called FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) reported it and received a call back from one of our State's "Awesome" State Biologist Ana! I advised her on how and...

Topaz Studio 2

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I am no where an expert on this newly released (very new) software from Topaz Labs, but I am enjoying the features and layout that it has versus others in the same space. So here is an quick overview video from Jim Nix on this new release, this so you can also see how well it can work for you:
So as soon as I have some Before and After work and how I made those changes that you may find helpful, I will get them posted. Enjoy!

Hurricane Dorian

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God Bless our Brothers and Sisters in the Bahama's!
Nothing like having a small Atom Bomb, or a huge EF3+ Tornado slowly crawling across an island that is (at it's highest) feet above sea level, and just shocking what you see on TV and various web cams :(

Couple of links you need to know!

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Good Afternoon! Our Site has a lot of useful content, and I am sure quite a number of our members are not even aware of such. So here is a real quick guide to help you get the most out of your time on our Site and many of the Knowledge Base features it has to offer :cool: 1st off, we have some resources on this link that might come in handy for you that have Triumph Boats much of it, you would be hard pressed to find any place else on the Internet: [URL...

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