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One-Touch Leveling LED Control

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For those who may not be aware of this new Trim Tab switch from our friends over at Lectrotab, this one, has some great features and just might be the perfect upgrade to your present Lectrotab system. product_slc-11.png This is the SLC-11 model with not only Port and Starboard LED indicator lights, but it also has this feature set:
  • One-Touch buttons to both fully raise and lower the tabs.
  • Automatic tab position return...

Anglers Driving Change: Chris Wittman, Daniel Andrews / Captains For Clean Water

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This video says it much better than I ever could. And since 2011 when we started this targeted section on the Site. It was intended to do our small part to help bring awareness to efforts like this not only in Florida, but others when written by those members who post them, or bring them to my attention to do such...
So do your part and if you would like to support the efforts of Captains for Clean Water even if it is just to buy a Hat (every...

AmeraTrail Trailers

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ameratrail-logo-140.png We have had discussions and questions in the past on trailers, how to maintain and service them, and how to best upgrade them! The posting for me on the subject that comes to mind 1st is this one naturally...

Maverick HPX-S and V models

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A great little all around Skiff that does many things well! I am a fan of the larger center console design for the flush mounting of all your electronics, and I agree with Capt Bou on his observation on using the 115 Outboard. They in most cases have the same weight as a 90HP, but you can swing a little larger prop for better launch and cruise numbers. The test runs I made on the Maverick, really made the 115HP shine!

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