Topaz Labs DeNoise AI / Adobe Lightroom combo edit

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Back on our Photo share thread, K9Reno on posting #7 had a real nice shot of Dolphin Island Alabama posted taken back in 2004. Leading edge gear and megapixel levels for the time, but we have come a long way technology wise in the last 15 years! So as a learning exercise for me, and too see what I could do with an older smaller Megapixel file which by the way is on par with many Smartphones of today... I grabbed K9reno (Mr. Jennings) picture and was quite pleased with the results after several passes with this post editing software used in combo in stages.

TBOT2 010.jpg

TBOT2 010-denoiseLR.jpg

Unreal how the AI engine in Topaz Labs DeNoise AI was able to clean up the grainy background, then I allowed Adobe Lightroom (many of those were auto settings) too work it's magic on the colors and contrast. Just a great example what can be done with an older Camera or Smartphone taken photo by making a few clean up editing passes :cool: And it really brought new life to the picture that now, I would classify this one as "Wallpaper Worthy" on this thread for sure!

So what was the trick / editing load order you ask? Really quite simple once I worked with it for a while and figured out how, to use each software strong suits to bring out the best in this older photo. In the end after several test runs was...

  • I dropped the original photo into DeNoise AI and allowed it to clean up and fill in the missing pixels. Trust me, those passes take a little time on my older I5 class CPU Laptop and pure processing "Grunt" is needed to basically rebuild and back-fill this photo.
  • Then I took that rebuilt photo and dropped it into Adobe Lightroom (I use the Cloud version) and then reworked all the light effects.
And though one could spend more time with it I am sure, I am quite pleased with the results! Things like the unnatural Halo and Starbrite effect around the bright Street and Dock lights was throttled back in combo with, the color correction on items like the Dive Boat white hull came out very well... And again this on a 15 year old photo file that I pulled from our Site here. If I had the raw original file, I am sure it would have come out even cleaner in color and contrast.

So if you have an older picture from a past Outdoor Experience that is in need of a freshening up. Or would like to have that picture redone of a past Hunting or Fishing Trip with Dad you love! Give this process a try and if you need any help or tips, we are all here to help!