WiFi enabled and Battery drain (M6 II)


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Many of the Canon cameras have the option to Enable or Disable the WiFi.
Has anyone noticed faster battery drain when leaving always the WiFi enabled ?
Even when enabled I’d assume the WiFi will go into sleep mode when is not connected to a device. In other words, zero battery utilization.
I could do a test to find out, but wondering if someone know the facts about this.
I do not know on a Canon, but on a Nikon Z series I disable WiFi if not using, this way the WiFi radio transceiver is not drawing any power from the camera battery. Airplane mode is much of the same which I use a lot.

I recommend hitting "You Tube University" and pulling a search on such and quite sure all the best camera computer menu settings for many uses (like Landscape and Low Light) has been posted up.

Hope this helps?