Boat Fuel Burn Rate Sheet

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Finally (that was a brain work over)

I think I have now stuffed enough Auto Calc and Data Validation toys into the New "Boat Fuel Burn sheet" to suit most everybody's needs :) Now I would have added an "Running Average Cost Per Hour" rate column like I have on the Truck Sheet, but that function (formula) was more than my brain could grind on right now :p

Maybe some "Real" Excel 2003 Mechanic in the group here could add that in, and then send me a copy to re-post... Now this sheet will track your first 110 tanks of fuel and let me know if you need to track more (which means your fishing a heck of a lot more than me) and I will extend the auto fill fields down even further...

And remember to save on Fuel in the Truck so you can pour more it into the Boat :D



  • Boat Fuel Burn Template 1.xls
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Problem with the spreadsheet


I downloaded that nifty spreadsheet that you made...but none of the data was readable on it. Do you have another copy? It might be something on my end...but it only shows crazy formulas or something. I'm not the site's XCel guru by any means.

Fuel Burn Sheet


If you're talking about columns G and I, these will change to data as you enter your information in the other columns.
Chief is correct!
Those are the classic "can't divide by zero" error message that Excel shows when you have missing data. As you fill in the various colums, they will auto fill and also change as you make changes and "update" certain fields. Fill free to enter in some bogus data in a separate renamed copy to see how how it all works ;)

I just re-posted an the sheet above since I found some different Octane grades at one of the local stations the other day. I also added the E85 fuel as a Octane grade drop down section in the same section.

Thanks to Tom "Deer Hunter" the sheet has now been updated and looks a lot cleaner, but still has all the same basic tools and functions ;) Now I just need him to clean up the one for your truck :D

Thanks again Tom!

Your welcome.

If you repost the truck spreadsheet, I'd be glad to take a look at it.


Took me a little while to find it again since it was buried in the towing section, but Tom you can find it here