Compression sack question #2


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New York
So I have a coleman river gorge 6 person tent and I really want to save some room. Plus the bag it comes in sucks.

I know I obviously can't compress the poles...

But what size compression bag do I need? I love sea to summit but I don't think 20L will do, maybe 30? Any advice would be great.

We prefer a larger sent for me, my wife, my dog, and possibly to bring along friends. Obviously getting a smaller tent is an option but don't think it's needed. Thanks for the help
I wish I could be of some advise on this, but my idea of Camping Out is at "The Islander Resort" down in Islamorada :cool:

Hopefully, some of the more real campers in the tribe here. Like I was when much, much, younger and chasing fish in some far away places will chime in!

Do though let us know how you make out either way, never enough "Wisdom" on a Knowledge - Based Site for sure!

My Best,