Core Detailing Fundamentals and Mistakes

Dave LeGear

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Simply a great videos on core detailing concepts, that as I have made mention when talking about "Surface Prep" as well as help keeping your favorite toy looking that way going forward ;)

Be it your Fiberglass Boat or your Tow / RV units, or just your Spouse's car that you paid major $$$$ to buy. I think you will really get a lot out of these videos as a start in either getting it to look good again OR help in keeping it that way when newer :D And I think the mention about "Love Marks" is great, and we all have been guilty of making straches in the top surface of the gel or clear coats without 1st realizing that we are...

And this one is on mistakes you can make and several without even thinking that you might have in the past.

Hope this helps!