Dynovatech Ulta-Clean use question.

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As denoted in my Clay Bar use and tips posting located here in case you have not seen it as of yet:


I make mention of using Ultra-Clean as an EXCELLENT Clay Bar lube and have now totally stopped using other Quick Detailing spray's (that have no real cleaning agents added) for that purpose.


My next question for our Detailing Chemical SME from Dynovatech (Isaac Moore) is post detailing use of Ultra-Clean, to help remove bugs from the front of the car?

Now I know it will clean them well and works even better if you spray it on and let it set and eat on them (I have found 60 to 90 seconds helps) before trying to wipe them back off. My question is what is that cleaner doing to the other layers of Paint Sealant that I have applied on them...?

Now my present paint protection combo that is giving me the best level of protection and POP right now is...

1. Shurhold Pro Polish to help fill in scratches in the paint (if needed) I also take it off with the RO with a wool pad.
2. ArmaShield over the entire front end that can get hit by Bugs.
3. Lastly (and does not have near level of impact protection as above) some P&S Bead Maker for that extra POP that makes the Paint / Clear Coat look wet while being a very slick surface at the same time :cool:

The love bugs in Florida right now as you have seen in other postings, are having a open war on us humans right now! I was wondering though IF the Ultra-Clean sprayed on and using a microfiber towel, is also taking off all the other paint protection layers at the same time OR is the ArmaShield able to stand up and stay on the surface with Ultra-Clean sprayed and wiped off of the same surface?

Now some would think "no big deal, are you not trying to get the bugs off?" which is true! But I also carry a towel and some kind of Quick Detailing Spray to wipe off what is on the front once I get to my destination if I have the time OR and usually the case, back home so they don't get baked in if I can help it :) I just don't want to "strip off" all my hard work by using a cleaner that works well, but also leaves the surface totally devoid of any kind of protection naturally ;)

Thanks in advance Issac!
Good question! The Ultra-Clean at full strength is definitely a great cleaner and meant for those tough jobs. However, the ArmaShield coating does cross-link to itself and to the surface of the vehicle and will be resistant to at least a few wipes with a surfactant such as Ultra-Clean. That being said, with a proper coating of ArmaShield we find that less bugs stick in general (they bounce or slide off) and the ones that do stick are much easier to remove. Therefore, a strong surfactant solution is generally not required. In fact, most of the bugs will rinse off with water and a little elbow grease. If a little soap is required it can generally be a more dilute solution. We give some guidelines on the Ultra-Clean bottle about diluting it for lighter jobs.

We have a story from a customer about our BTS as an example. He kept boat well treated with BTS and always wiped it down after using it. He routinely fished a particularly nasty lake with lots of gunk in it that would leave a scum line on his hull every time. One day after pulling out of this lake he had to rush home and did not get to wipe his boat down as usual. He went to bed that night just knowing he'd have to get up the next day and scrub his boat down to get the scum line off. The next morning, much to his surprise, the scum line was dried and had already started to crack and peel off by itself.

I'm not saying that all the bugs won't stick, as bug juice is a different chemistry than lake scum. However, BTS and ArmaShield both provide that great shield between the paint surface and the environment that make anything much less likely to get to that actual paint surface. So, I guess bottom line is to see how little extra surfactants you can get away with when taking off some of the tougher bug stains. You might be surprised at how little effort and chemicals it will take.
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