Guidelines for Posting and the sale of Boats and other items here on the Site...

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Good Evening All!
With some valuable input from members of our RL (Recognized Leaders) group and others here on the Site. Just a quick note with some guidelines for the posting and sale of Boats and other items so it can become and stay a great tool for all to have and use ;)

  1. Please, shop smart and ask the seller a lot of questions before sending over any funds! If it is a used boat that is anything over the size of a small Skiff... Then it may be wise to have a Marine Survey done on that Vessel just to protect your interest, and too help insure it is both safe (sea worthy) and in good working condition :) "Trust, but Verify" as President Reagan reminded us ;)
  2. Please denote price "Taking Offers" really only attracts a ton of low-ball replies for all to wade through while reading...
  3. Please denote location, very important!
  4. Please denote contact info, there is an audience outside of Performance Outdoors that can and may contact you.
  5. Please update the Title of your Postings after they are Sold to actually Denote such, then we will move them to the "Sold" section for future reference.
  6. And lastly (and I don't want to hammer on this too hard, I have just seen other Site's simply implode over such) members found bashing any for sale threads, will have their accounts deleted... We are all here to Help and Support each other enjoy our favorite Outdoor Pursuits :cool:
All My Best,
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