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Hey guys, It has happened again. About 14 years ago i posted on the passing of my first work dog Reno. Well Friday Ado my k9 partner that i retired with died in surgery from complications trying to remove the same type of cancerous tumor that took Reno. Ado was only 10 and a half years old and i was spending the money on the surgery hope to have him with me a few more years. However, tumor was into everything. This is the 3rd time I have had to deal with this, and i am surprised how much it still hurts. Worse, my wife was more attached to Ado than either of the others. Well he is with his coworkers now and feeling better. I also want to thank Blue line paws (Facebook) for their hwlp through this. Rest easy Ado you earned it.



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Deepest condolences to you and your loss of a family member!! I can only imagine the bond you guys shared as being a working dog aswell as his best friend! Gorgeous pup such a tragedy!!
Sad to hear of your loss Brother! They are family in so many ways and have lost my share many of them like Ado, way too young...

Many Blessings,
So sorry to hear this Dick.
So sorry for your loss, I have lost 2, I feel your pain. Best wishes
Well we went 3 months saying no more dogs. My breathing was better but the house just did not feel right. I offered to get a miniture wirehaired dachshund but the wife wanted a big dog. Maverick was a cute small german shepherd when we got him at 4 months of age. not so small now at
1 year old very good dog,


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