Copper patina on your boat (green at water line)


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Most individuals that use anti foul paints may or should be familiar with that green colored line that forms just above the water line. It's caused by copper in the paint oxidizing and looks ugly for the most part.

I tried an experiment with my boat which is coated with micron CSC Shark White.


1. Spray 100% white Vinegar on the water line or anywhere on the paint that is oxidizing.

2. Let sit 1-2 minutes

3. Rinse with water, salt water works as well


so far, no damage has come of this experiment. The green came off and we fished all day and returned her home with no ill affects. I assume I'll have to do this every month or so. Keeps the paint looking brand new. Also tried it on copper houseware, returned it to original condition in seconds.

Keep those boats looking new!


Im not responsible for damage to your boat, this worked for me and the particular paint i have on my boat. DO NOT RUB THE PAINT. Try a small spot first to be sure.
I need to pull the boat for a few days and still need to do the bow. Ill take pics then. Hopefully the camera picks it up. Keep you all posted
Here are before and after pics of the patina and a rinse with white vinegar. Iv been doing this since May - June with no problems.


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Thanks for the follow up pictures!

Now we just need to find a chemical too help seal up the hull (if possible) so that type of staining does not occur or is greatly reduced.

Some Aramashield might help and works well on glass hulls, but I would try some Turtle Wax Ice seal and shine. I would give it some time too flash off and maybe a few coats with time to set up before you drop her back in, might do the trick.

At 10 buck or so a bottle, not a expensive experiment to try, and can always use it on the Truck if it does not work.

Thanks for sharing!