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Bob Daniel

My 150cc has been in a fresh water lake for several months, the bottom is now covered with green slime. After pulling the boat on the trailer, some of the green came off with scrub brush and soapy water.

What do I use to clean this off? power washer? acid wash? I now have a brown stain at the waterline. Any helpful hints will be appreciated.

Thanks, Bob Daniel
Bob, first welcome, and we hope you join us other Triumph owners on this web site. The cost per year is cheap compared to the amount of information you can gain from others.

The Search feature here really does work, so I would try that first, and try differnt words or word combinations.

Sometimes, "stuff" just needs to have a chance to dry out so it cn be removed easily. After it has dried, then personally I would try a good pressure washer. Now please keep in mind that I have never had the green slime you describe, so it is just a guess.
I just bought by 170 DC this year and keep it in the river full time. It has been really hard to remove the scum from the hull when I pull it from the water. I will be trying "CLR" that I bought from Walmart, and if that doesn't work, I will try "The Works" toilet cleaner from the Dollar Store. I will let you know how they work.
The best thing that I've found to remove the "river scum" is Liquid Tide. Wet down the hull, apply the Tide to your brush and in no time the boat is clean. A pressure washer also works very well...just start back from the boat and mover closer until you see how close you need to be to get the results you are looking for. One of those "wand type" do-it-yourself carwash also works if you don't have a pressure washer.

Good luck and tight lines.
I have my pressure washer hooked up and ready to run the instant I back in my drive after I pull my boat out of the water. I find it comes off easier if you do it right away. It doesn't get the stain off but it reduces the cleaning time. Then I use Soft Scrub or Greased Lightning. I'm going to try that Liquid Tide though.
Another soap

I use "Dawn Dishwashing" soap (Don't tell my wife what happens to her bottle). :rolleyes:
Mr Clean Magic Eraser

I have been using Mr Clean Magic Erasers since they came out...haven't found anything that they won't remove...just wish i could figure out how they do it????:)
After talking to Carl at merritt he suggested for tough stains to use Greased Lighting. I have tried greased lighting and it does work really well. Much better than simple green. For the really tough stains I use Soft scrub with bleach. Be carefull with the bleach products because it can cause surface rust on the stainless but it really works great.