The New East Cape Bay

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Looking for a new Bay Boat?

How about one built the way you want it for your fishing and family needs? Then hard to beat the East Cape Bay in build quality for the cost of others production boats...

So how is that possible do you ask? They use Guerrilla Marketing tactics (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to keep costs lower, and No TV shows, no huge Guide / Spokesman contracts that pumps sometimes thousands of dollars into the cost of any one build.

Here is a great example of such in a few short YouTube video's (over several postings) which have other ideas you might be even to employ on your present rig :cool:

While working on my Podcast show Prep for the new East Cape Bay (trust me, very many hours are put into each show) I thought I would share some of the pictures and video I have secured for that Podcast. This to help give you some early build ideas that can be employed either for your present Bay Boat, or your plans to have the Great Team over at East Cape build one just for you :cool:

Here are some of the possible cockpit layout concepts many may not have seen as of yet.





And again, once you really start to compare costs... I think you will be surprised just how close a semi custom or total custom built East Cape Bay build will run you, versus others "Production" models with their you can only have the Trolling Motor mounted here, or only get 3 color choices, etc. etc...

More information on the East Cape Bay can be found here:

East Cape Bay Home Page

Enjoy, :)

Quick update, I was chatting with Kevin not long ago and East Cape is now in the process of moving into their new facility. So as expected, production will slow down a tad during such. I have been advised though, that it will not be long until they are back running WOT again and building custom Skiffs and Bay Boats like this stunning example!


Tight Lines and if you get one of these! You owe me a ride / sea trial on her, and I will be happy to help you break in that new Yamaha correctly ;) :cool:
Another recent build and with a lot of great features and ideas to barrow from OR to have added to your next one!

Now where are those Lottery Picks again? Time to go play it to help match it up with the next Skiff ;)
I sure would love to have one of those in NC! Sigh!....