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I have had my Mako pro skiff 19 now for over a year. I really like the design, but have been a little less than excited with the overall construction, and the trailer Mako puts under it is not that great also. The design of the hull is really nice makes for a good ride even in choppy water. There is plenty of room to move around and the front casting area is large with a nice lip to let you know when your near the edge. The storage could be better. there are several hatches to storage areas but they amount to areas not really designed for storage. the rear is open all the way across and any thing that gets in the bilge also gets in your storage. The front storage is wide but narrow and his kind of hard to get things of size like life jackets into. It does have battery shelves under there for trolling motor batts and they are placed one on each side to balance the weight. I added a removable jump seat for third seat option for my fishing partners and their bad backs. I also made rod storage that clamps on the front edge of the front casting deck gives storage with the Bimini up.

I guess the only real issues I have with it are manufacturing based. I think the gel coat is to thin. I have scrapes through the gel coat on the front from a bunk edge and at one spot on the deck an area about the size of a dime just came off. Also all of the screws that mount the rub rail over penetrated just enough to bulge and crack the gel coat on the back side. I also think they did not think through the size of the roller on the bow as it fits right into the gap behind the rub rail when launching the boat. A larger roller with fix that though. I do like fishing it though. got a personal best sheepshead today. the picture does not do it justice


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Great review Brother!

Always enjoy reading the Pro's and Con's of any design / build for sure...

You are going to wish you had pop up cleats and those rod holders out of the way, if a Tarpon ever slams into one of your baits :D He or worse She (if over 100 pounds) will find their way around one, and brake free once the fight really gets good :oops:

Simple fix though, and we can work on her becoming a Flats Weapon one weekend, just work on a upgrade list of things to tackle and I would be happy to help! :cool:

Tight Lines!
Saw this one myself yesterday, and very unique / stable looking design. And looking forward to helping my Brother-in-Arms make a real Flats Weapon out of her!

I smell some upgrades (like a Power Pole) and a FMT chip in her future :cool: