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Hello folks I looked and could not find any place to leave an introduction so I am going to do that here. I am a retired Marine who really got into boating and fishing as a means of Physical Therapy. I was wounded and the Doc's suggested "Water Therapy" as a means to regain some of the loss of use in my leg. Only Water Therapy I could find was at the Therapy center, in a swimming pool and a bunch of 80 year old lady's and a beach ball. So I tell myself "Self you need to find another way because what you just saw in the Therapy Center is not going to happen" I may be old and I may be crippled, but this old Marine is not doing that!!

So I go and buy me a TR21 Triton Bass Boat. Very good boat if you are wanting to bass fish, man I don't have a clue as to how to catch any fish much less a species specific fish. The boat does allow me to get out on the water, find me a private place and do the therapy that I really need. So I head out to lake Guntersville ( 10 minutes from my house) get the boat into the water. That was pretty easy. I then get into the boat and go and find that private place.

Well folks I may not have given this enough thought. You see I new I could get out of the boat, that part is not rocket science, I mean you stand up and fall forward and viola you are in the lake, easy peasey. So I swim around for an hour get a real good work out on my leg and now I am ready to head back to the boat ramp and home for some food. This is just about the place were "Not enough thought" comes into play. You see were falling out of the boat was easy no matter how hard you try you cannot fall into a boat when you are in the water next to it. I tried everything I could to get my butt back into that boat. I pulled and cussed, I did everything I could think of, straddled the motor and used the tilt switch to raise me up. All that did was get my butt in the air, now I k new why I wanted a private place. No body and I mean nobody needs that for a memory---A 70 year old Marine straddled to a Mercury 250Hp motor like a crab and looking like he has an obscene intent in mind. Thank the lord the private part of this deal worked, it was the only part of the plan that did, but no boats passed by while I was clinging to that Mercury motor. Ended up grabbing the mooring line and towing while swimming this 21 ft bass boat into shallow water were I can finally get back into the boat.

That simple was not going to work over the long haul, so I went and bought me a Triumph 21 ft center console boat. The boat I bought does have a swim platform and while a little small for a full grown guy like myself I was able to get back into the boat after doing the falling out thing. It is a very nice boat and spent it's early years in Florida. From now on it will have a easy life for a center console boat.


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LOL. Welcome aboard buddy, and welcome home, brother. I'm an "old warrior" myself, and just as I have no desire to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I also have no desire to fall out of a perfectly good boat. But I do admire your ingenuity in finding a better place to exercise that leg. You have a good boat there.